Window of Hope (2021-24)

In our second year of operation, ACW collaborated with 14 universities across the UK to raise over £60k (total subject to change as pledges are fulfilled) for our new project ‘Support a Child with Disabilities’ (SCD). We have partnered with Enabled Children Initiative (ECI) a UK, US and Afghanistan registered charity (UK registration number: 1157583) to successfully deliver our project. SCD is a 3-year long project which will consist of ECI regularly sending us updates as the project progresses.

  • Window of Hope project will last 3 years.

  • 27 children supported.

  • Bi-annual school reports detailing progress.

ECI supports children with disabilities in Afghanistan through sustainable programmes such as the Window of Hope Orphanage and the Fatima Khalil School. These children are one of the most vulnerable and neglected groups in Afghanistan. 80% of the Afghan population live with some form of disability and 17% of them are children, who are often isolated and deprived of their right to an education.

This project fully supports 6 children at the Window of Hope Orphanage by providing them with accommodation, education, healthcare, clothing, and recreational activities. Additionally, through this partnership we are able to fund the educational and healthcare needs of all children (27) at the orphanage for 3 years.

ECI Information

ECI currently runs four sustainable programmes to support children with disabilities. Window of Hope is a care home that provides comprehensive care for 27 children. The Fatima Khalil School is the first and only school in Afghanistan for children with all types of disabilities – providing education tailored towards their specific needs. The Mirza Gul Family Fund was created to deliver education to 7 children in Nangarhar who suffered multiple amputations from a landmine. The Frozan Fund provides emergency relief and income generating support to families of children with disabilities or parents who are living in poverty.

We decided to specifically support the care home due to the fact that it’s the only orphanage in Afghanistan that is solely tailored to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

The children at the orphanage are rescued and brought to ECI by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Although they take referrals from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, they do not receive financial support from the government, allowing them to run an independent NGO.

These children are often abandoned or orphaned and found in streets, hospitals, cages, and mosques. They come from all over the country – Parwan, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Kapisa and other provinces.

ECI improves the children’s quality of life and helps them reach their full potential. They provide a unique service in Afghanistan not currently offered by the Afghan Government or other NGOs. Making them the only facility providing such services. ECI provides a safety net to some of the most vulnerable children in need of protection and nurturing.

Fund Distributions

The funds raised during Afghan Charity Week and the ticket sales from our Annual Charity Dinner have been used to fully sponsor 6 children at Window of Hope for 3 years. This will cover the costs of:





Dental treatments


Recreational activities

Taking into the consideration the annual cost of providing comprehensive care for one child, we have divided the funds to equally distribute them over the duration of our project.

Following our successful Annual Charity Dinner, money raised from the auction, raffles, pledges, and donations received on the night will be used to cover the educational and healthcare needs of all children at the orphanage for 3 years. This includes the employment of another physiotherapist to aid the physical development of the children.

ECI will receive the funds on an annual basis whilst providing us with bi-annual reports and updates on the children. Through this, we will be able to oversee the progress of the project including the development of each child. Allowing us to send frequent newsletters to our generous donors updating them on how their donations are utilised.