Freshta Karim is a children’s right activist, who founded Charmaghz mobile libraries, a Kabul-based NGO. Turning old public buses into mobile libraries, Charmaghz seeks to promote critical thinking among children by providing resources and space. Freshta has completed a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Oxford and is working as an advisor to the Malala Fund.


Gulwali Passarlay is an Afghan refugee who is a published author, TED speaker and a Politics major at the University of Manchester. Gulwali has authored an eye-opening memoir, ‘Lightless Sky; where he discusses his traumatic journey fleeing Afghanistan and his search for safety. He has also co-founded ‘My Bright Kite’ CIC to empower refugee youth and create awareness about the challenges asylum seekers face.


Date: Saturday 12th Feb

Location: Lucia Windsor room at Newham College

Time: 3pm