Who Are We?

Afghan Charity Week (ACW) was established in September 2019. It is a student-led and charitable initiative that is designed to bring about positive change for the Afghan community both in the UK and Afghanistan.

  • We aim to establish a strong community among the Afghan student diaspora. To create a network of societies that will support and share resources with one another.

  • We aim to nominate a registered charity annually, that the funds will be collected for so that they may distribute it on behalf of Afghan Charity Week. We promise impartiality when considering the charities and will ensure that the funds have been responsibly donated.

  • We aim to always remain inclusive and build sustainable proceeds to ensure longevity.

  • We aspire to encourage charitable work among Afghan university societies around the UK and internationally.

It was the dedication and motivation of participating members that actualised the establishment of ACW and saw our ideas come to fruition.


Societies set up bake sales all across campuses, selling tasty desserts, scrumptious Afghan food and so much more.


Cultural nights were basically mini weddings. There was food, music and dance.


Along with our successful Games Nights, we also had some Rubab and Poetry Nights.


Of course we had more than just Debate Nights. Our highly anticipated Chai and Spill events that took a more light-hearted tone. P.S. Mantu is better than Ashak!

Afghan Charity Week Dinner

To wrap up our first successful Afghan Charity Week, all university societies united one last time to organise a memorable Afghan Charity Week dinner. An evening filled with traditional Afghan food and music followed by a series of lively auctions and pledges.

The ACW dinner managed to unite Afghans across London and the UK in support of causes and initiatives which aim to raise money and awareness for Afghanistan