Who Are We?


In 2020, University societies banded together and formed the Afghan Charity Week (ACW). We nominated a week in February where all University Afghan Societies would host fundraising events and the total sum raised towards our collaborative projective with our chosen charity. The charity week was a success and so this great cause continues this year. Here is a short video from our 2020 campaign.

About Us

The 2022 Project

More than four decades of ongoing conflict have severely crippled the acute healthcare system of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, evidence indicates that, trauma and injury contribute to 11% of the all-cause mortality in Afghanistan and are a principal cause for people living with disabilities. Every day, 18 people die as a result of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) and many more due to the ongoing conflict or pregnancy related complications.
According to the Ministry of Public Health, severe bleeding during delivery or after childbirth is a major cause of maternal mortality and long-term disability. When there is severe bleeding, urgent and timely treatment is required for management of these patients, including transfusion of blood and blood products, as women may die within one hour.

Therefore, access and availability to safe blood and the equipment in ambulances play an essential, life-saving role by increasing the chance of survival for patients.
Currently however, there is only one publicly operated ambulance service in Kabul with only 29 ambulances in total to cater the needs of 4.6 million population in Kabul during emergency situations
With a little to over 27,000 registered blood donors across Afghanistan, there is also not enough awareness and information available on the importance of blood donations.

That is why this year, Afghan Charity Week is collaborating with the UK-registered charity Human Relief Mission (CN:1160380) to fundraise for the Al-Mouwasat Ambulance project and the HRM Blood Donation Programme.

With the help of your generous donations, we will work to improve access to safe blood donation and transfusions as well as availability to pre-hospital healthcare by widening the accessibility of ambulance services during emergency situations.

During these unprecedented times, do not underestimate the power of charity!

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