Afghan Charity Week Dinner

Afghan Charity Week Dinner

Afghan Charity Week Dinner



Afghan Charity Week is an initiative designed by students, for students. Thirteen universities across Britain have united to make a genuine and sustainable difference to the lives of Afghan children.

As students, we understand that with an education, we have the power to overcome barriers and transform our lives. However, we are also well aware that not everybody has this opportunity; least of all, orphaned children. Decades of war in Afghanistan has torn families apart and left 1.6 million children to fend for themselves. Forced to work from dawn till dusk in dangerous conditions, sold and sex trafficked, these children are a product of their harrowing environment.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Hundreds of students are working tirelessly across their respective campuses for a collective cause: the ‘Educate an Orphan’ project. Over a two-week period, we have organised a range of fundraising events aimed to raise awareness and maximise donations.

But we can’t do this alone.

Join us at the ACW Dinner for an evening of live entertainment and traditional Afghan cuisine in aid of the ‘Educate an Orphan’ project. Your support will enable us to get as many children as possible, off the streets of Afghanistan and into the classroom.

Because of you, Afghan children can have hope for a brighter future.

Children cannot attend school
of uneducated children are girls
orphans in Afghanistan

Educate an Orphan Project

Many of us have travelled to Afghanistan or places like it before. Thus, we have witnessed the horrors of war first-hand. The sight of young children on the busy streets of Afghanistan; knocking on car windows offering tissues, asking if you need your shoes polished or selling eggs from an old carton on a cold, winter’s day.

It’s not right.

The future generation of Afghanistan deserve to be nurtured, not neglected. As British students, we understand that education is a right, not a privilege. That is why we are fighting to reduce child labour and ensure children have access to knowledge in a safe and welcoming environment.

Afghan Charity Week has chosen to collaborate with UK-registered charity, Noble Connection and will support their ‘Educate an Orphan’ project. This project will focus on funding primary and secondary school education for as many orphans as possible in an effort to bring about genuine and sustainable change to their lives.

Charity Week Dinner

A student black-tie event? For orphans in need? You’re in the right place!

As a collective, 13 universities across the UK that have participated in our Afghan Charity Week 2020 fundraisers have come together to round off the month of raising money through our Charity Week Dinner!

We are excited to extend this invite to all our students in the UK! An elegant evening consisting of charity auctions, performances, and of course, a 3-course Afghan dinner! Items and services up for auction will support our local Afghan businesses, and help empower our fellow diaspora community here in the UK. Ticket proceeds will also be going towards our Educate An Orphan project.

Join us at the Diamond Banqueting Hall in Ealing, London on Wednesday the 4th of March, for a last chance to be involved in this truly noble cause. Help us make a real difference as students, for the future of Afghanistan by supporting orphans through school. We aim to host you all for a sincerely enjoyable evening, whilst also renewing our intentions and encouraging involvement in transparent & important causes such as this one.

See you all there! Please purchase your tickets before it’s too late.

Venue details

142 The Broadway

West Ealing

W13 0TL